Your Checklist for a Great Movie Experience

Movie HouseLucky for you if you live in an area full of movie houses; unlucky if you happen to try one of the worsts. Thankfully, the internet was born and movie house information and user or client reviews are always within reach. 

To help you start, here are the main elements you should be looking for before you rush in for a movie.


Aside from the location of the theater, check if they meet your other needs once you get to the place like parking spaces. Moreover, the scheduling of their movies should fit your need. Some prefer watching as early as the first bird, while some prefer watching before the day ends, and not all theaters offer these movie screenings.

Audio Quality

Sometimes, the sounds are so scratchy and subpar that you feel like your ears are going to explode. That is why if the movie house does not give you a good listening experience it can ruin the movie for you. Imagine watching a foreign movie – you already can barely understand them talking with their accent. It’s not like all theaters offer subtitles to at least compensate.


Consider three things for your comfort: the ambiance, the temperature, and the seats. The theater shouldn't make you feel smothered or stifling, such as when you want to keep your cool but the room is too crowded, thus increasing the heat. See also if the cinema chairs are also worth the two hours or so of sitting, Preferred Seating adds.

Know your money’s worth and get it. Going to a cheap theater does not mean you have to suffer (although do not feel too entitled, too – which apparently most people choose to be). When all you want to see a nice movie, no theater has the right to take that away from you.