You vs. Your Kids: Who Should Design Your Children’s Room?

Beautiful and modern home and hotel bedroom

Some parents want to have the final say on everything in the house. Others want to teach their kids to be independent early on, and so would let them make their own decisions on things that involve them. There is also a happy middle between the two – parents and children working together, for instance, on the design of the kids’ room.

As you and your children design their room together, do not forget the following tips:

Give them some freedom.

It is your kids’ room, so you should let them decide at least on the colors for the walls and the prints and patterns on their bamboo sheets. It is the one place in the house that they can consider theirs – their domain, so to speak. Here, they are allowed to be free from the judgment of everyone else, so small factors like colors and patterns will be a big deal for them.

Say no when necessary.

Given that their bedroom is their sanctuary, they will want to fill it with trinkets they love. However, the room can only take in too much before it starts being more of a storage room than a bedroom. Tell them to go easy on the posters they put up and give them storage options enough to house their belongings. Remind them that they need to clean up after themselves if they want to keep everything.

Offer alternatives.

When saying no doesn’t work, and you’re not ready to deal with tantrums, be prepared with alternatives. Children push for what they want because they think it will work, but if you offer them something better, they could be persuaded. The trick is to say no without actually saying no. Show them that putting the bed up against the wall will give them more space to roam around rather than just telling them they can’t put the massive furniture in the middle of the room.

Children have their own ideas of what their room should look like. Work with them to make it happen, but with a more realistic goal in mind.