Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman Throws Fastest Pitch for 2017 MLB Season

baseball player

Aroldis Chapman’s high-speed pitch on Aug. 13 ranked as the fastest throw during the 2017 season of Major League Baseball.

The New York Yankees player faced Rafael Devers of the Boston Red Sox on the field, where the former made a 102.8-mph fastball. Revers, however, converted that throw and set a record of his own for a notable home run.

Extreme Pitches

Chapman threw all of 18 high-speed pitches (which are measured by Radar Sports, LLC speed guns) during the Majors last year, including Devers’ home run that set a pitch-tracking record. Lucky for Devers, the fastball may likely hold its place as the toughest pitch that resulted in a home run. Not just any home run for that matter since it surpassed more than 49,000 cases of its kind in the last 10 years.

Aspiring baseball players, even those who train young ones, should use some measuring devices to aid in perfecting the speed of their throw. Since baseball not always requires fastballs, it helps when you know how to control your pitch.

Post-Season Practice

The next Majors season will not take place for at least a few months. Cold weather will make it harder for the sport’s enthusiasts to play outside. Hence,  indoor baseball will make more sense. Parents may bring their children to batting cages during the off season.

Look for facilities that charge by the hour and not per person. Adults should also supervise children while handling equipment and doing the warm-up routine. If you are unable to visit an excellent facility, you can still hold indoor practice sessions for agility. Remember to stretch your arms and legs before engaging in agility drills.


Chapman and Devers’ baseball records did not happen because of pure luck. These professionals had to play like rookies before setting historical records. Anyone can do the same with the right equipment and mindset.