Worse Comes to Worst: What Happens if You Neglect to Clean Your Chimney

Red roof with brick chimney

Cold nights are ideal for cosying up with your family. Using the fireplace all through the cold season, however, leads to the accumulation of tar and soot in the flue of your chimney. You never even thought about hiring a Liverpool chimney sweep before, but what happens if you never really clean it?

Tar Prompts Chimney Fires

Tar and soot are the primary causes of chimney fires. These are formed from the fog, gases, smoke, and reserves released when you burn coal or wood. Chimney fires can be triggered by other aspects, such as structural damage and birds’ nests. When your chimney gets warm, the build-up of tar can activate fire.

The Signs of Chimney Fire

Of course, there are chimney fires that you can notice easily. If you see and smell smoke coming from your home or if you hear loud noises, then your chimney could be on fire. If you go out of your home and spot a dense smoke or flames shooting out from the top of your chimney, then you have a massive issue.

Alternatively, there are chimney fires that are not as obvious. For example, chimney fires that are slow burning do not have ample fuel or oxygen to be detectable. Other features that show a possible chimney fire consists of damaged metal on the damper or connector pipes, discoloured rain caps, and collapsed or cracked flue tiles.

Fortunately, there are many chimney sweep businesses in the country that works for Liverpool residents and adjacent cities. They offer smoke testing, flue lining, and chimney cleaning services to avoid chimney fires from occurring in the first place.

Your home is your family’s sanctuary, so ensure that it is safe from fires that can come from your unmaintained chimney. It is a once a year responsibility that will guarantee the safety of everyone in your home.