Winning at Social Media: It’s All in the Metrics

Social MediaSocial media is definitely the hub of digital advertising. With over 1.55 billion monthly users on Facebook alone, not reaching out to potential customers through this platform is a mistake — a big one.

If want a valuable marketing asset, look at your social data. Apart from building your brand, it also helps set the foundation for any strategy and improves the optimization of any program.

So, what else should you keep your eyes out for?

Audience Clusters

The SEO experts at consider audience data as one of the most exciting facets of social media. Unlike questionnaires and surveys, audience profiles offer surprising information — some of which are readily available to those who need the insights.

Analyzing your target market is extremely important when evaluating campaigns or content. Gathered data provides a basis for editorial calendars and content strategies, which solidifies your marketing plans. By paying attention to converted audiences, you position your brand towards greater success.

Industry Trends

Catching up with the latest trends is good for the health of your social media campaign. Marketers who regularly use monitoring tools such as Crimson Hexagon, Radian6, and Brandwatch never miss out on the industry’s latest must-haves.

Keep watch over trending conversations and topics to give your brand a competitive edge. The insights you receive offer inspiration for your next campaign or reveal mistakes to avoid.

Optimizing your Budget

Proper budget management is crucial to every campaign. Fortunately, social media metrics can also offer insights on how you can get the most out of your finances. The Internet offers numerous tools that provide budget optimization, which requires a manual touch.

When advertising online, your goal is to attract new customers without spending too much. For networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you want to encourage customer engagement and exhaust your budget the right way. Manual bidding strategies focus on cost-per-click bids and click-through rates, which adjust accordingly.

Social media data isn’t just valuable — it’s your entire strategy. There’s no shortage of options when looking for strategies that will work best, but paying attention the elements above will drive better and faster results.