Why Should You go to a BYO

BYO restaurants

BYO restaurantsOne of the surest signs that a person is moving into their forties is when they start going to potluck parties. For people unfamiliar with this kind of gathering, it’s an event where each guest brings their own dish, and everyone gets to share in the feast that’s gathered. It’s one of those things that most young people seem allergic to, but in the true millennium fashion, they took something they didn’t like and made it their own.

For any person over twenty-seven, the concept of a BYO restaurant can be just as perplexing as potluck would be to anyone under that age. BYO stands for ‘bring your own’; the item to be brought can be anything depending on the context; in this case, it’s bringing your own brew.

There are plenty of BYO restaurants around the country, but websites such as Style Magazines help people out by making a compilation of the best in the region. This helps people looking to try a different dining experience go to the best examples of the place or the one closest to them. But, it’s just bringing a drink to a restaurant. What can possibly be any different about it?

The appeal of the BYO restaurant isn’t so much in the experience, but in the convenience that it provides. This can best be felt when there’s a large group of diverse people trying to look for a single place to have a meal. There are so many variables to take into account that it would be almost impossible to find one establishment that can cater to all of their needs.

With BYO restaurants, they can at least settle on the kind of drinks they can enjoy. It’s also a great way to avoid the high mark-ups on alcohol, and that’s something everyone can appreciate, regardless of their age.


  1. I was nodding off until he mentioned the mark-ups. I agree 100%, those rates are extortion and should be against the law.

  2. Didn’t Mad Eye Moody always bring a flask of his own brew wherever he went? This kind of place would suit him very well

  3. Pretty soon restaurants are gonna require patrons to bring their own food and chairs. Hahaha. Just can’t wrap my head around this kind of thing.

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