Why Certification Matters when Starting an IT Solutions Business

Information TechnologyStarting your own IT business is a sure way to make more money applying what you know about Information Technology and related disciplines. If you have limited experience and no formal education on IT, however, this may be a more difficult proposition than you initially thought. Not a lot of businesses—especially the big ones that are willing to pay more for the best in the industry—will take a gamble with an IT solutions provider with no credentials except for some experience troubleshooting computers for a few small stores.

To open more doors and create more opportunities for growth and profit, you need to study and take some tests on the way to earning various IT industry certifications. Here are two of the main reasons this is an important step before starting your own IT solutions business.

Certifications Help You Earn Trust

When it comes to IT, reputation is important. If you were a business owner, would you trust an IT solutions provider that has never been certified by any relevant body? Perhaps, but not before you are able to check their background in the industry. Business owners are busy people who have no time for extensively vetting solutions providers before hiring them. If you have the certifications, however, business owners immediately feel more confident about your skills. Especially if you consider that most IT networks demand the very best in security, it's easier to hire someone who has been certified after extensive learning, practice, testing, and experience. Continue learning, take some practice tests—like a CompTIA Security+ practice test—ace the real thing, and get that certification.

Certified Professionals Earn More

Apart from being able to put up your own IT solutions business with more confidence, you can also charge more than your non-certified peers. And because you are certified, you are likely to land more projects with the best and biggest companies. This will expand your portfolio, which makes you more attractive to even more companies. It's a domino effect that can lead only to good things for your new IT business.

More education never hurt anybody. The more you learn about IT, which is an industry that never stops developing and changing, the more capable you become in setting up your own IT solutions company.