Why Builders Prefer Burnt Bricks

Red roof with brick chimney

There are two primary categories of construction bricks: burnt, sun-dried, unburnt ones. Sun-dried bricks are dehydrated using solar heat after the moulding process. These bricks are used for low-cost and temporary structures and often used in hot and dry climates.

Burnt bricks are the ones your brick supplier in New South Wales will most likely have. These bricks are formed in a drying oven and are used for permanent construction projects. They are stronger compared to other kinds of bricks, so most builders choose burnt bricks. Here are the primary classes of burnt bricks people often choose.

First Class Bricks

First class bricks have a conventional shape and are table-moulded. These bricks are dried in an oven and have edges and facades which are flat, straight, sharp and square. They can maintain their superior quality making them ideal for building foundations and heavy structures.

Second Class Bricks

These are burnt in kilns and ground-moulded. The shape of second class bricks is somewhat unequal, their façade is uneven, and the edges are homogeneous and sharp. Second class bricks may have some minor distortions and fine hair cracks. They are typically used in places where they can be supported using a coat of plaster.

Third and Fourth Class Bricks

Third and fourth class bricks are burnt in drying ovens and ground-moulded. Third class bricks have distorted, and uneven edges and are lighter and softer than those in other classes. They are used for temporary and minor constructions in places with normal rainfall patterns. Fourth class bricks are over-burnt which enhances their strength considerably. They, however, have a low compressive strength making them only suitable for substandard constructions.

Brick is the preferred construction material for over 45% of builders according to recent studies. Their low-maintenance, weather and fire resistance and eco-friendly material make them a favourite for many builders.