Who is Responsible for Good Kids? EVERYONE.

A Family in great neighborhoodAccording to an African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. Applying the saying to the realities of today may seem unlikely, but even if you find yourself asking what role your neighbors and immediate community play in raising your child, it all starts to make sense.

Ridiculous as it seems, the African proverb rings true — communities make a difference for children in terms of values, character and relationship building.

It’s hard to imagine communities supporting your kids. Living in an age where most neighbors don’t even acknowledge each other, getting them involved in a child’s development is laughable. The questions are many: where do you start? Who is primarily responsible?

A Support System

When browsing for new Cavite homes for sale, the surrounding community is a crucial factor, especially if you have children. You look at nearby schools and government agencies, hoping these will influence your children positively. If everything fails, it’s easy to point a finger at these — as if they define what a community is.

Public agencies will only succeed if they partner with the community’s members, including your family. Developing children is all about instilling values while they are still young. Everyone is responsible for raising children who embrace lifelong learning.

People, Not Programs

Some parents depend entirely on what their community has to offer — a big mistake. Relying solely on community programs won’t make the cut.

School and community programs for the youth are just as important, but the people behind them matter more. Even the smallest of actions reap the biggest rewards. Everyone (including you) should serve as role models to children. Your community should also promote emotional intelligence and nurture their academic talent.

Finding the One

The right community shouldn’t just be a showcase of flashy homes. As a parent, the children’s welfare is your primary concern. Rather than looking for “the perfect home,” search for “the right community.” Friends and family members will surely offer advice and it’s important to pay attention.

Through collaborative efforts between you, the neighbors, and the community, you positively impact the community’s next generation.