Which Fireplace is Suitable for Your Home?

Close up shot of burning firewood in the fireplace.

The four kinds of fireplaces each come with sets of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to install a new custom fireplace, Utah has a number of fireplace builders that can do the job, like Comfort Solutions.

If you are still choosing which one is the right one for your living room, perhaps the following descriptions may convince you to go for your candidate and buy it. Read on.

Wood fireplace

Wood fireplaces get a bad rap these days as environmentalists push for a ban on these in some cities of the United States. It is also high-maintenance as the soot and ashes could wreak havoc on one’s general cleaning schedule.

Like it or not, however, the wood fireplace is here to stay, simply because it is a classic. People have been using it for a long time, and who wouldn’t love the crackling sound of wood while the family huddles up during a cold winter holiday night?

Gas fireplace

A gas fireplace is similar to the product concept of the gas range. It releases fumes when you turn it on, igniting the fire. Some homeowners prefer this type of fireplace because it is not messy and relatively inexpensive.

Gas logs and gas inserts are the two most popular types of gas fireplace. They can be retrofitted to your existing fireplace if you already have an old one.

Ethanol fireplace

This uses ethanol to produce fire and heat. It is quickly gaining popularity in the home and living design niche, although many are still wary of using it and are wondering whether it is safe for use at home. It is. Ethanol fireplaces usually come in the form of burners and inserts.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are highly modern fireplaces that mimic the appearance of burning fire and wood. These are mostly found in condominium units and apartments as they are practical to use and do not cost much.