What Makes UX Important in SEO?


SEO in Australia One important SEO component that many business owners seem to be giving less importance to is user experience or UX. Yes, driving traffic to the site is a must but more crucial is converting that traffic into actual customers. That’s where UX plays a critical role and even search engines are putting premium on it.

Importance of UX

Having relevant content is one of the keys to getting higher page rankings for search engine optimisation. But all the well-written and informative content will be for naught if does not go hand in hand with a design that is both user-friendly and engaging. It is what makes a site unique and enjoyable that people will want to keep coming back and eventually transition to being a customer. According to Digitise My Business, a website should not only be visually appealing, but it should also increase the conversion rate.

UX is not confined to site design alone but the overall experience a visitor gets when they check it out for content. A site must be created for both visitor and search engines.

Measuring UX

In measuring UX, don’t just look at the numbers. Yes, numbers translate to traffic but is it the kind of traffic you want? Instead, look beyond the numbers and analyze if those numbers convert to customers or engaged visitors. That means they don’t just click on the site but actually give feedback on what they find there.

Think of creating value. Do visitors take away information? Are they encouraged to return? What good did the site do for each one that visits? This is especially true if they have become customers. Customer support and sales management also play important roles when measuring UX.

Improving UX

There is always room for improvement, especially to enhance UX. That can be working on page speed, making it even easier to navigate the site, improving page layout, weeding out duplicate content and working on internal link structures.

UX does not have to be alien when it comes to SEO and they do work together. You just have to give it careful thought and include UX in the planning of optimisation strategies.