What are Your Options for Your Next Fencing Project?

A metal fence around a garden

The type of fence you choose for your home will not only affect your home’s exterior design but will also play a role in the security of your house. Those are the most common reasons for you to contact a fence company in Sarasota, after all. However, building a fence isn’t as simple as many imagine it to be. In fact, there’s a lot you have to decide on before you actually get to start building. You’ll need to design it, determine the dimensions, and choose the material you will use. Below are some considerations for common fence material choices.


Wood is a favorite among many homeowners. For one, it can create a classy look without you having to break the bank for it. Designing can be as simple as staining the wood or painting it white. This material is also quite sturdy, though it will require a lot of maintenance in the long run as it suffers from the effects of time, weather and moisture.

PVC Fencing

If your project budget is a bit larger, though, you can go for a PVC or vinyl fence. This material may cost you more initially, but since it is more resilient against the weather, you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance costs.

Wrought Iron

There are various metals you can use to create a fence, including aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. Among the three, wrought iron is perhaps the most expensive option. That is because of its durability and beauty. With this material, you can create various designs and rest assured that it will last for several years. You won’t have to spend much on maintenance costs, either, since wrought iron is not susceptible to damage from weather or pests. Your primary concern, however, will be rust.

A good fence can provide your home with privacy and security, but an excellent one will add to your home’s appeal, too. Choose carefully before you begin your fencing project.