Websites are Books: What Every Page Should Have

Business Website

Business Website in PerthA good Website is like a book you cannot put down. It should have a story and present the narrative of your company in an engaging way. It needs a goal or a vision and should be easily navigable. You do not want to read something that leads to dead ends or asks you more questions. Just like the transition of books from paper to digital, Website also has to go through a shift.

Here are some qualities modern Website should have.

Mobile Compatibility

A great Website is one that has the ability to adapt to modern changes. As mobile gadgets dominated the recent years, it is only right for your Website to do the same. The design of your page on a laptop will look different on a tablet or a mobile phone. You have to redesign the page fit for a smaller medium without sacrificing its content and quality. A simple and streamlined look would make your Website much easier to browse on a mobile device.

The Business Blog

This is what keeps your Website alive and current. A business blog keeps your Website with fresh content for your audience to read and look out for every week. It is a channel that allows you to converse with your audience and present them with new information about the company or anything related to the industry. Another advantage you may get from maintaining a blog in the Website is search engine results. Search engines like Google are more likely to put you in the top spot if you have fresh content on your page.

Look for experts on search engine optimization in Perth. A well-optimised business Website gives you a better edge against your competitors online. Only work with professionals with years of experience in providing online companies with quality service.