Web Design Essentials: Navigation and Compatibility

Google DevelopersYour website is like the online version of your office or store. When your guests visit, you want to impress them with how great your address looks. The same principle goes for websites that users can see with just a click. Your web design has to be top notch if you want to turn visitors into clients. Here are some ways to improve your page’s design.

Intuitive Navigation

When designing every page of your website, think of what the user might look for next. Set up links for them to go to after they are done reading the current page. When users get lost within your website, they may give up looking for what they need. The design should be clear in leading users to the right pages.

Having a menu bar or a sidebar complete with links to subpages keeps your users from dead ends. Web design experts from Denver Data Web recommend having a sitemap or a search feature so it’s easier for users to navigate your page.

Mobile Compatibility

Most people these days browse the internet not only through their computers. They use their mobile phones and other gadgets to gain access to whatever they need online. Search Engine Land even says there are more searches on mobile than on desktop. Big brands and some startups have gone on to make apps of their services.

Your web design must translate well to mobile devices or your users may end up seeing chaos. Test your website on different browsers and devices to see if it adapts well.

A good website allows better communication between business owners and customers. Focus in creating a design that your users will find interesting and easy to use. A simple design is an asset that can turn possible leads into clients.