Ways to Improve Yourself Minus the Makeovers

Healthier Lifestylein Aurora, IllinoisMost teenagers get inundated by the society’s perception of beauty via magazines, fashion, and the media in general. Unfortunately, because of these standards, many suffer from poor self-confidence and low self-esteem.

However, beauty can be gained not just by having the perfect complexion or branded clothes. Try and improve on the following instead.


One of the easiest ways to improve yourself is by living a healthier lifestyle which includes exercise. Teenagers today are mostly happy with sitting with their laptops and gadgets instead of going out into the sunshine and finding a sport they like and that can be detrimental to their bodies. Do regular walking, take a bike ride, or enroll in swim lessons in Aurora, Illinois (such as in TheLabsUSA.com). The possibilities are endless.


The way you see yourself will affect how others will perceive you. Walking around embarrassed at how you look will not help your self-image at all. Even if you are not “beautiful” by other people’s standards, you can still change the way you see yourself by accepting who you are. Sure, go ahead and get a makeover but that won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to love yourself.


Having a sharp mind, maturity and wisdom even at an early age will change the way people see you. Enriching your mind, learning social skills and practicing discipline does make you beautiful inside and that counts even more than physical beauty. Read a book, learn acting, paint, draw, dance and enrich your experiences and growth instead of focusing on your looks.

A makeover can improve your appearance but if you can’t even accept who you are or what you can do, there is no use convincing others of how good you look. In the end, you have to start with taking who you are at face value then change what you can from there. You are special and you need to believe that first before you decide to make yourself into a better you.