Wanted: Cream-of-the-Crop Applicants


Getting a job has become one of the most difficult things to do after graduation.

Fresh graduates have to go through the process of preparing a resume and writing a cover letter, then submitting it to companies online or dropping by various offices personally. After submission, waiting for a call to schedule your interview can be stress and panic-inducing since there are thousands of other fresh graduates competing for the position, not to mention those who graduated ahead of you. The real test, however, begins when you are already in front of a recruiter or panel, explaining why you deserve the internship or job.

For companies, the recruitment process is just as tough. Because of the lengthy process, some companies tend to hire recruitment agencies like i-Recruit.com.au. These agencies take care of screening and pick the best and most deserving candidates.

Here are some tips on how to land the most in-demand jobs:


Be Confident

Never be anxious in front of your interviewer. Some of them might test your personality by being extra tough. You should never give in to stress because it will always be part of the job. Expect them to make you feel uneasy, so counter that by being relaxed during interviews. In case you cannot stop anxiety, learn to control your body language to appear confident even if you feel nervous inside.

Practice Answering Interview Questions

Most companies usually have the same set of questions like ‘what can you contribute to the company’ and ‘why should we hire you.’ You might experience mental block if you are under stress so by doing a mock interview, you would not be left speechless. Anticipate difficult questions, however, because there are companies who are looking for specific qualities.


People commit mistakes. It is normal to drop something. Do not panic and pick it up, then go back to what you are saying. In case you are stuttering, compose yourself and inhale to relax your body. Do not let the possibly tense atmosphere distract you. Interviewers would try to interrupt so sharpen up your communication skills.

Companies interview applicants to know them beyond the content of their resume. Be sure to introduce yourself in a nice way and always leave a positive impression.