Want to Lose Weight? Sleep in Cooler Rooms

Woman Sleeping Covered in Duvet

Utahns love diet trends and crazy workout routines in the name of weight loss. If you belong to that group, well and good – but here’s something that might be better for you. There’s one weight loss routine that you can do without breaking a sweat and without skimping on your favorite food (which usually leads you to binge eat your cravings away. In fact, this routine is guaranteed to keep you cool and put you in a good mood, and it’s likely something you least expect to help with your diet: sleeping in cool rooms.

The Cool Room Effect

Researchers explain that sleeping in cool rooms may increase metabolism, which is good for those trying to shed some pounds. The science behind it is that colder temperatures stimulate the growth of brown fat, a kind of fat that burns energy. This not only facilitates good metabolic health, but also protects you from obesity and diabetes.

How did scientists come up with these awesome findings? They had five healthy males sleep in climate-controlled labs during the night for four months straight. They adjusted the temperatures each month: for the first month, setting it at 75 degrees Fahrenheit; for the second month, reducing temp at 66°F; for the third month, back at 75°F, then for the last month, at 80°F.

At the end of the study, they found that in the months when they lowered the room temperature, there was a significant increase in brown fat in the body, about 30-40%. When the temperature was set at 75°F, the volume returned to baseline. For the last month, it went to below baseline.

All these point to lowering your AC temperature and enjoying a cooler room when sleeping. So, Whipple Service Champions advises that if you’re having trouble keeping the cool in your room, get air conditioner repair Salt Lake City, UT. Don’t try to DIY this, as you might encounter more problems.

Cool Benefits

As you would know, this isn’t the only benefit you get from spending the night in cool rooms. Experts say that cold temperatures are crucial to getting that restful snooze. They, in fact, recommend setting the thermostat at 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The link between cool room and peaceful slumber? It’s simple.

As you doze off, the body’s temperature drops. When the temperature in your room is at a lower temp, it helps you reach that ideal state of sleep – and stay there.

Who imagined that you could lose weight just by sleeping soundly in a cool room? Well, chalk it up to the science of temperature.