Vehicle Preventative Maintenance: Signs its Time for an Engine Tune Up

Engine Tune UpAll vehicle owners know that their vehicle requires periodic engine tune-ups, but when exactly should they do this? An engine tune up is basically a comprehensive preventative maintenance service that typically involves an oil change, filter and spark plugs replacement, among other things. You might need to have your engine tuned up if the following scenarios are true:

  • Your engine has been misfiring for several times now

This is typically due to worn spark plugs. But worn spark plugs could likewise result in slow acceleration, hard starting, and petrol wastage. The majority of spark plugs are usually good for 100,000 miles, but engine computers are highly capable of compensating for damaged spark plugs, which means that you might have other issues to worry about.

  • You have significant engine deposit build-up

This is commonly a result of contaminated or subpar quality petrol. Your petrol system would need comprehensive cleaning; otherwise, this buildup will lead to more problems later on.

  • Your engine filter is clogged or dirty

Filters naturally get filthy over time, and you might not even realise it until you feel your vehicle’s performance failing on you.

  • Your oxygen sensor is already old

While a relatively old oxygen sensor will function fine and won’t activate the ‘check engine’ light, this could negatively impact your vehicle’s performance, notes a specialist from LRC Automotive. However, do note that severe internal issues, like worn piston rings, exhaust system issues, and misaligned valves could likewise affect performance.

  • Your ‘Check Engine’ light has turned on

Basically, this means that something’s amiss in your emission control system. However, this could also impact performance and petrol economy. An oxygen sensor that’s malfunctioning, for instance, won’t help in setting the right petrol-air mixture, which in turn could lead to petrol wastage.

It is, however, immensely critical to note that because these symptoms could mean different issues that have varying causes and fixes, your best recourse is to get expert help to determine what’s really going on under your bonnet. This is the best way to know if your vehicle really requires an engine tune and/or other additional preventative maintenance services.