Vacationing Like a Local in Singapore

Singapore Skyline At NightNo Asia tour is complete without Singapore. One of the premier cities in the world, it is famous for its state-of-the-art architecture, food, and cultural melting pot. It is a destination you shouldn’t miss. However, going around the City can be an expensive trip. However, with the right planning and attitude, enjoying Singapore to the fullest shouldn’t leave you penniless. Here are the tips to help stretch your budget.

Creating a flexible budget

Most travellers commit the mistake of planning their budget to the last cent. Planning on a budget and committing to it are two different things. Most people can’t follow their budget. Though Singapore is an island-state, you may find that it’s tough to follow a budget with the numerous attractions in the City. Create a flexible budget and anticipate activities and expenses. Take alternative routes and activities into consideration. When you have a flexible budget, you are more inclined to stay within the numbers without having to miss the fun.

Going big on one activity

Do not skip one attraction because you are on a budget. Decide on one activity to spend on to make the entire trip memorable and worthy of a true vacation. Pamper yourself once in a while. Sentosa offers unique deals and promotions during the June school holiday activities. You can take advantage of these activities and join in the fun for less.

Creating a flexible itinerary

A flexible schedule should be paired with a flexible itinerary. Singapore is a tourist magnet, and you are bound to see your destinations swarming with people, along with restaurants and attractions crowded to the brim. Instead of wasting the day away on queues, create alternative itineraries and routes to help you evade the mess of guided tours and crowds.

Exploring like a local

Embrace the culture of Singapore by exploring the city like a local. There are many parks, museums, hubs, and spots to explore free of charge. Be on the lookout for sales and discounts in June as well. Children are off school and many destinations in Singapore offer activities for free. Do as the locals do and you will surely enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

As always, plan ahead of time and book your trip early. The more you plan, the less expense you will have to worry about your Singapore vacation.