Useful Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn

Lawn with automated water sprinkler

Maintaining a healthy and good-looking lawn requires only the basics: water, sun, and fertilizer. Once it gets all these, your lawn will flourish all year round. A lawn expert in Utah shares the following tips on proper lawn care:

Setting Up the Soil

Setting up your lawn requires proper planning and preparation. Regardless of the planting method you intend to use, you must prepare the area carefully. Get rid of weeds and make sure the soil will not crust over immediately or lump into compact ruts.


While you can easily roll out a sod carpet, it can be very expensive, especially if you have a big lawn. A good alternative would be to seed the lawn on your own, whether by hand or through hydroseeding. Farmers use the hydroseeding method to ensure even seed dispersal on large fields.

Mowing the Lawn

Many people mow their lawns too short, and this stresses the grass out. Raise the mower notch to the highest level possible. This way, when you cut the grass, you only get to mow the top 1/3. A good grass height help improve root development. It likewise helps shade the ground, preventing the ground from drying up fast.


Ideally, you should water your plants only once every week, but it must be deep enough. Soaking the roots weekly helps them extend more deeply into the soil. More frequent shallow watering can result in thatch. Consider the type of soil you have in order to determine how much water you should provide your lawn. Clay soils can hold moisture for a longer time and do not need frequent watering. Sandy soils have the tendency to dry out faster.

Air Supply

If the grass is too compacted, its roots cannot get enough nutrients. In this case, aeration is necessary. This means you have to poke holes in the lawn to promote better oxygen circulation.

If maintained properly, your lawn will add beauty and value to your property. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that your lawn gets the best type of care possible.