Use Your Garage: Ways to Protect Your Car from Thieves

Home Garage

Home GarageWestern Australia may or may not have the worst crime statistics Down Under; what you should be concerned about is protecting your own and watching out for others. Cooperation is the key to stopping crime.

In 2015, reports suggested that car thefts were twice as high in WA as in any other part of Australia. While the authorities do have a responsibility to put an end to this or, at least, reduce it, it is every car owner’s responsibility to be careful not to fall easy prey to predators. Here are some pieces of advice regarding protection from car theft and vandalism.

Use your garage

Many homeowners have a garage yet choose to park at the kerb or an empty space outside their premises. Always park in your garage and lock the door. Lock your car doors as well and keep the key inside the house, not in the garage. Have a professional repair or replace your roller garage doors if they won’t close all the way down, as advised by the experts from A half-closed door is still an invitation to try and steal a car.

Club your car

A club is that long piece of metal you put on the steering wheel so if someone breaks into the car it would be impossible to drive. It is not the safest form of protection but it can stop an unsophisticated thief or, at least, discourage them from trying.

Drive a stick

It may be a strange form of advice but many thieves only know how to operate an automatic. If you drive a manual, the number of thieves that can steal your car goes down.

Install an alarm

A sophisticated alarm system may not stop a thief from driving away, but the noise the alarm makes will call the attention of people around, especially police.

Install a kill switch

A kill switch will either prevent starting the engine or kill it after a few minutes. Have the switch installed in a hidden area on the driver’s side (under the seat) There are also kill switches with an alarm that only goes off if someone attempts to start the engine without flicking the hidden switch first.