Travelling Around Perth: A Guide for First-Time Tourists

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car rentalThey say Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. But, for an isolated place, it is very accessible. You can visit Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Fraser Avenue Lookout, Swan River, Scarborough Beach, and other famous sights and landmarks in Perth via public or private transport, biking or even walking. While locals are familiar about their numerous options, tourists may need a little help.

Why Plan Ahead?

When travelling to a foreign land, one of the most important considerations is the transportation. Getting from one place to another could be a problem for tourists if they do not research about their options, transportation schedules, and how much they need to prepare for travel fees and charges.

If you have specific itineraries and you are keen on visiting all the places on your list within your own timetable, Aries Car Rental says transportation and budget should be among your priorities. Having maps and taking advantage of your GPS navigation applications on your mobile phones can really help you while on tour. You can have the exact distance that you need to travel from Point A to Point B and you can assess whether to get there by foot or a taxi. Knowing your options can help you save time, energy and money.

Going Around Perth

You have several travel options in Perth. The city has a very reliable public transportation service. You can purchase your card and plan your journey by choosing either bus, train or ferry to get to your chosen destination by simply visiting their website. You can also go for taxis or car rentals for more convenience.

But, if you are planning to visit places outside the central business district, take note that during off-peak hours, you may find it harder to catch a bus. You may want to look for affordable car hire services instead of taking the public transportation.

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