Top Tips for Cleaning Out Gutters

Man Cleaning Gutter In Staffordshire

Man Cleaning Gutter In StaffordshireGutters are probably among the most overlooked part of the house. It is way up there out of sight and out of mind. You will not even remember it is there until something goes wrong with it.

Of course, by the time that happens it is too late. If you do it yourself, it can be dangerous to use a ladder, especially if the gutters are two storeys up. You can hire cherry pickers in such cases. At any rate, Staffordshire’s Premier Platforms says, you should clean gutters regularly. Here are some tips for you.

Clean it more often

Most people clean their gutters once a year. You would be amazed at how much trash can accumulate in that time. It is better to clean it every six months or more to make the job easier. It is also better for maintaining the gutter and abutment in good condition.

Choose a sunny day

It is obviously more pleasant and easier to work when torrential rains are not pouring down on you. However, that is not the real reason. It is safer to work on your gutter when conditions are dry. This is to help avoid shock from electrical cables. A cherry picker means you will have little contact with the gutter itself, unlike a ladder. It is also better to wear rubber-soled shoes and gloves, just in case.

Start where it ends

The best way to remove the bulk of the collected debris in your gutter is to start from the drain hole and work your way out. This is usually where most of the debris collects anyway. Use gloves or a small trowel to scoop it up, and have a bucket handy to keep clean up to a minimum.

Cleaning out gutters is like going to the dentist. You do not like it, but you need to do it anyway. Since you have to do it anyway, you should do what you can to make the job easier and safer. These tips can help get you there.