Top Content Types Perfect for Repurposing

SEO services in AtlantaWhen you repurpose content, you quickly fill your calendar and make sure that your blog or website is always fresh, which may improve your search engine ranking. Repurposing has many advantages, identifying which types to repackage enables you to broaden your market reach and may even boost conversion.


Simply put, this type of content is posts or articles that use topics that are always relevant to your target audience. For example, a published blog about the fundamentals of online marketing will still be useful for those new to the industry or are trying to shift their focus from traditional to Internet advertising., an agency that focuses on SEO services in Atlanta, cites that this is the ideal content to repurpose. You can use the same topics but change the medium, use it for podcasts, infographics, slideshows and videos just to name a few.

Blog Posts

This form of content is one of the most dynamic;you can repurpose and repackage posts and transform them into types that your target market is looking for. Turn an old post by adding a new twist or creating a story with a strong emotional core in it. This may draw other viewers who may want what you are selling or the information you are providing. Another way to repurpose is to use the topics through a different medium. Create a video tutorial, a podcast, sound bites and others that will not only attract new visitors, but also boost your SEO results.

How-Tos and Guides

This content type is ideal for those who create individual posts about how to do something, get somewhere or anything related to these. To repurpose gather all similar posts and turn it into one definitive guide as a longer post, an eBook or in PDF format.

These are some of the types of content you can repurpose effectively; you have the option to reuse other forms to gain leverage or competitive advantage.