Top 3 Myths About Divorce

wife and husband doodles in divorce process concept broken relationships

Divorce is complicated, emotionally jarring, and a huge drain on your time and energy. This is understandable. It’s perhaps one of the most major decisions you’ll be making in your life.

In some cases, a divorce is the only way to gain closure so you and your partner can move on to hopefully better lives. The gravity of this decision looms heavily on couples that they end up staying together to avoid dealing with the whole process. However, as Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer and other experts mentioned, this weight is worsened by common misconceptions held by people who don’t fully understand the concept.

Let this guide shed light on a few myths, so you can arrive at a better decision. Note that family law is different from one jurisdiction to another. Let’s give emphasis on New Mexico, specifically the jurisdiction in Albuquerque, below:

Divorce is Complicated and Chaotic

Television often portrays messy divorce hearings where two people go at it with aggression and force. While that makes for good shows, it’s not necessarily true in real life. Those cases are rare. In fact, you may even complete your divorce without ever appearing in front of a judge. Ask your attorneys about peaceful resolutions and mediations to save yourself from the headache it could bring.

Divorce and Legal Separation

New Mexico barely differentiates between legal separation and divorce. Some people opt for separation thinking it’s much easier than a divorce but that’s not always the case. Courts still decide on an equitable division of properties and debts and make a judgment based on custody and support of children. This means it takes just as long as an actual divorce. And you don’t get to save on fees for divorce lawyers, too.

Breadwinner is the Winner

Most people believe the spouse who has the higher income will be awarded custody on that basis alone. While that is a contributing factor, it is only one of many that judges will take into consideration. In New Mexico cases, courts often in favor of the equal division of time and custody between two parents, within justifiable reason.

These misconceptions are common but they are no substitute for actual legal advice. If you have more questions, it’s always best to consult with divorce lawyers to help you make a better informed decision.