Have a Toast: Pairing Wine with Good Food


wineMany people have wine as part of their dining staples. They either enjoy it at home or dine in restaurants to pamper themselves now and then. Regardless of the reason, you can make your meals better with the right combination. Your choice of wine can improve the taste of your food. If you don’t know what to eat with which drink, read this guide for some helpful information:


Whether you’re ordering a Campo Viejo Cava or a GH Mumm Cordon Rouge, you can pair it with anything salty. As these have a faint sweet taste, they can refresh the taste buds after eating strong-flavoured dishes. If you’re visiting the best new restaurants in your area, a bottle or glass of champagne is the safest choice.

Sparkling Wines

Are you planning to eat a heavy meal for dinner? Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé and Perrier Jouet Blason Rosé sparkling wines are ideal for a wide range of main courses. These put more depth to the flavour of your food, allowing you to savour it more. For fruity desserts, a glass of Vietti Cascienetta Moscato d’Asti can emphasise the taste of fruits better instead of the sugar.

White Wine

Tart dressings and sauces are among the ideal matches for white wine especially Tainui Sauvignon Blanc, Vinho Verde, and Verdejo. Go for tangy food, as their acidic and mild sour taste won’t overwhelm your choice of wine. Light seafood dishes, like salmon and shrimp, can bring out their flavour even more when paired with an Antonutti Pinot Grigio, Denis Pommier Petit Chablis, or Church Road Chardonnay.

Rosé Wine

Rich, cheesy dishes go well with either white or red wine. Ordering both is too much, though, so you might want to have a Sierra Cantabria, A Mano Primitivo Rosato, or Dominique Portet Fontaine Rosé instead. These have both characteristics: the fruity character of red wine and the acidity of white wine.

Taking a sip of your favourite alcoholic drink is better when paired with the right food. Know what you should and shouldn’t eat for a specific beverage to enjoy your meal.

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