To Shave or Not to Shave: What Do People Think About Beards?

About Men with Beards in the UKIf you are familiar with No Shave November, here is a question for you. What is your stand on facial hair? Do you grow it out into a beard or a moustache, limit it to a stubble or do you prefer being clean shaven?

Apart from personal preference, what exactly does society think of facial hair? Black Champagne Salon & Spa notes that people are divided when it comes to their opinion on men with beards. Are these men more aggressive? More attractive? Here is a list of facial hair-related information that may pique your interest.

Men with beards are perceived as people of higher status

Barnaby Dixson, an Australian Ecologist, and Paul Vasey, a Canadian Psychologist, share that beards can also predict a man’s social status. In their research, they had male and female participants estimate men’s social status from 1 to 5 based on their neutral expressions. They found out that bearded men received higher scores compared to clean-shaven ones.

The association between social status and beards became more pronounced in a separate paper published in the journal of Britain’s Royal Pharmaceutical Society. They learned, in a survey of male academics at universities in the UK, that full professors had fuller beards compared to research fellows and lecturers.

Beards make men seem more aggressive

In another research conducted by Dixson and Vasey, they involved participants of Samoan or European descent with full beards. Researchers photographed them bearded and then made them shave halfway through the experiment.

When they showed the pictures to more than 200 males from New Zealand or Samoa, most of them judged the bearded men as more aggressive compared to their clean-shaven versions.

Beards symbolise maturity

Many men strive to grow a full beard. One reason is for them to look more mature. Sometimes, they want the people with whom they interact to know they are not boys anymore.

If you think your beard has grown too much and now you look older than your age, try trimming or shaving it off. Research shows that growing a full beard can make men look 10 years older.

It is all up to you if you want to grow a beard or not. Society will always have an opinion on facial hair. The above reactions and perspectives reveal what society actually thinks.