Tips on Maintaining Your Solar Power System

home solar system

Installing a home solar system has never been wiser, especially now that the price of electricity in Australia has reached a record high. Solar panels increase the value of your property, cut energy cost, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, helping save the environment.

home solar system

Like any other system, regular cleaning and maintenance is important to ensure your solar power system works at peak performance.

Clean the System Regularly

Bird droppings and dust build-up reduce the amount of sunlight that strikes the solar panels. This can decrease the generating output by as much as ten percent. Bradford Solar, a company that offers solar energy solutions, suggests cleaning the panels at least three to four times a year to remove dirt, dust, and other debris.

System Monitoring

Regular system monitoring allows you to track how your system is performing and diagnose potential problems. Your installer should provide you with a data system that shows the amount of energy produced. You can purchase a more advance monitoring system if you’d like to have more detailed information about the system’s energy production.

Check for Shading

Your panels may be subject to shading by trees after some time. To maximise their efficiency, it’s important to check for shading regularly. Cut overhanging branches of trees and plants, and remove dried leaves weekly to prevent accumulation of debris, which may block the system from getting maximum light.