Three Reasons to Get Construction Equipment Rental than Buy New Units


ExcavatorsOwnership of machineries such as heavy equipment and trucks could sound convenient for someone who operates a construction company. Nonetheless, this could not be a financially convenient option, as it entails huge costs on insurance, repair and maintenance.

Anyone in the building and construction industry knows that projects do not come by regularly in most days. This setting makes contractors question whether buying a fleet of expensive equipment is a smart move in such an uncertain business. It may sound convenient to have your own track loaders and excavators, but the expenses might not be worth it if you do not have projects in the next months. At that rate, when will you meet ROI? The better question here is will you ever get to that point?

Equipment hire is one of the best alternatives to investing in costly and high-maintenance construction machineries. Now, what makes it more convenient?

Financially smarter

Equipment rental involves lower costs because it does not involve expenditures associated with owning and maintaining your own equipment. You do not need to spend on insurance, registration, transport, repairs and regular servicing. In addition, you only pay for it when you need it.

More flexible

Some construction projects require a specific type of machine to get the job done. Through rental, you will never have to say no to projects just because your inventory does not have the right equipment or machinery attachment for the job. For example, the project calls for several mini loaders working at the same time, but all you have is a sole big unit. As Classic Hire suggests, this may be the time to look for additional equipment hire.

No recordkeeping hassle

Equipment ownership requires tedious bookkeeping duties. You need to keep a detailed record of all the things happening to each unit – from minor repairs to major servicing and parts replacement. Equipment rental simply saves you from such hassles. The rental company, who owns the units, is the one responsible for such duties.

You do not need to shell out extra for the machines you need during operations. Equipment hire companies are just a phone call away.