Three Questions to Ask Your Trusted Dentist


When it comes to issues of health and prevention, many people often neglect their dental condition. Placing extra attention to oral health pays off in the long run. Consult dentists in Bountiful, Utah if you’re worrying about inflamed gums, chronic bad breath, or other issues.

Here are the questions you should ask on your next dental visit:

How can I improve my dental health?

As every person’s mouth is different, brushing and flossing may not be enough for your condition. Ask your dentist if you need to make certain adjustments, whether it’s in the toothbrush you use or your flossing methods. Dentists also give advice on fluoride intake.


What’s my overall dental health condition?

If you’re uncertain about some areas in your mouth, ask your dentist to conduct a general exam. This often includes gauging bone density, examining any unusual bumps or lumps, or checking for unintentional teeth grinding. If there’s any issue, discuss your treatment options early.

Is there anything my family doctor needs to know?

Many health problems begin inside the mouth. Some changes in your mouth may actually be indications of health issues: osteoporosis, vitamin deficiencies, and diabetes, among others. Your dentist will inform you if there is any symptom your GP should be aware of.

Make the most out of your dental visit by knowing the answers to all these questions. This way, you’ll avoid any teeth trouble as you get older.