Three Lesser Known Risk Factors of Diabetes

Blood sample for diabetes test

Diabetes not only affects a person’s health and wellbeing but also impacts their financial standing. But insurance helps with the treatment and often provides Victoza prescription assistance. The Rx Solution notes, however, that for the uninsured or the underinsured, it’s a financial struggle to cope with a disease.

A healthy lifestyle goes a long way towards preventing certain types of diabetes. A person can reduce the risk of the disease if they exercise regularly, eat healthily and is properly hydrated. But, even a healthy person can become diabetic. It might be because it’s in their genes.

Along with genetics, excessive glucose is the most known cause of diabetes. But, there are lesser known things that increase the risk of diabetes.

Excessive TV watching

TV watching is very popular in the modern world. What many may not know is that TV not only affects the eyes and the brain. It also makes a person more prone to diabetes.

Unhealthy behavior comes with excessive TV watching. When watching TV, people are so focused that they stay inactive for a long time. As a result, their bodies burn calories slowly.

Also, people eat unhealthy food, like chips and ice cream, during a TV marathon. These kinds of food are peppered with MSG, salt, and sugar.

Stress from Traffic and Noise

A stressed person has elevated blood sugar. A person caught in heavy traffic is likely to be stressed. Increased stress hormones affect insulin metabolism.

Noise can also be a risk factor as it may cause sleep deprivation, which results to stress. In addition, reports associate traffic noise to increased risk of diabetes.

Menstruation and PCOS

Menstruation does not directly cause diabetes. But, it’s challenging for a woman to control her sugary cravings during her period. Additionally, a woman’s blood sugar increases three-five days before and after her period. Menses also makes exercise a little uncomfortable.

A woman with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has a higher risk of diabetes.

Diabetes makes life difficult for patients. For a person to prevent this disease, they should reassess their lifestyle and adjust their diet. Engaging in physical activities and managing stress can help keep the disease away.