The Words Behind the Screams: Domestic Violence Against Women

Violence on WomanFights are normal in any relationship. But, if the repercussions involve abuse and a clear disregard to your rights, then you might already be a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Defined

There is no singular or unified description of what a family or domestic violence is. But, there is a framework used by the Australia Bureau of Statics (ABS) to ground the offences under the law. According to Relationships Australia, “Violence is defined as any incident involving the occurrence, attempt or threat of either physical or sexual assault experienced by a person since the age of 15. Physical violence includes physical assault and/or physical threat. Sexual violence includes sexual assault and/or sexual threat.”

The Many Faces of Abuse

While physical and psychological trauma occurs in both sexes, it’s likely that women experiences more abuse, according to Below are some of the forms domestic violence might occur.

  • Physical – anything that results in visible injuries or threats
  • Emotional – attacks to the mind which often takes the form of aggressive verbal exchanges and suggestive actions
  • Social – insulting and defaming actions done to a person in public or any social gathering
  • Economic – the manipulation of someone else’s financial assets against their will
  • Spiritual – includes the limitation or the prohibition of a person to practice his or her faith, values, morals and conduct
Legal Options to Stop the Abuse

Anything done against your will is abuse, but domestic violence only applies if you’re engaged with in a particular relationship such as:

  • An intimate personal relationship (married, engaged, de facto or dating);
  • A family relationship (children, relatives or parents);
  • An informal care relationship (someone who is dependent upon another for help in activities of daily living).

If you belong in any of the relationships mentioned and you experience an abuse of any nature, the next step would be to seek legal assistance.