The Truth behind Thread Count: Avoid Getting Short Sheeted

Quality BedAn average person will spend about one-third of their life in bed. As a result, investing in a quality bed is an important purchase.

Part of buying a bed comes with deciding what type of bed sheets to buy. When it comes to choosing the right bed sheet, it’s hard to ignore the common thread-count theory. How much truth is there to the “more is better” mindset, though?

Numbers Don’t Necessarily Translate to a High-Quality Bed Sheet

A higher megapixel count for your camera does not necessarily mean it can take better pictures — and the same logic applies when choosing quality bed sheets. While 800 or 1000-thread count may suggest a superior product, experts claim that quality isn’t dictated by numbers. In fact, Consumer Report says that half a century ago, a 180-thread count was considered a luxurious thread count, and it didn’t compromise a fabric’s comfort or quality.

The reality: 800-thread count is a 200-thread count that manufacturers twist together three times for strength. While it may be more durable, there is no difference in the actual thread count.

The Impact of Multiple Plies on Sleep Quality

Sometimes, companies may use a weaker type of thread when twisting the threads together. Thinner cotton threads may create dense sheets and prevent proper airflow to your bed as you sleep. Without a steady movement of air, it could affect your body temperature and lead to a fitful sleep.

Consider Other Factors, Such as Fiber, Comfort, and Finish

Instead of relying solely on thread count when deciding on which bed sheet to purchase, go for something that is comfortable to the touch. Bed sheets made out of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, are popular among people because of their softness and ability to repel bacteria and microbes. Furthermore, go for sheets made of long fiber, as they are often more comfortable and durable.

When shopping for bed sheets, don’t forget the value of shopping smart. Apart from considering the thread count, make sure you choose something comfortable. You are, after all, going to make your bed with it, so never underestimate what feels great to the touch.