The Rules of Minimalism in Website Navigation

Minimal WebsiteIn the online world, having to go through menus and submenus has always been a web visitor’s pet peeve. You may be busy making your online pages elaborate to realize it, but an overdone website can cause customers to leave.

Online customers are easily distracted and have short patience, so the best you can do is to streamline the design of the website. Industry expert Benson Media says a designer should prioritize navigation.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Minimize Clicks

Many web designers and developers make the mistake of creating a layout that prompts users to click more than once. The unwritten rule here is to make the pages accessible through three clicks. If a designer can make it less than three, the more efficient the website will be.


Categories and site maps are an online user’s compass when navigating your website. Categories and site maps show how organized your website is. There should be tags that will allow guests to visit new pages or go back to previously visited ones.

Make It Predictable

Make all the navigation elements predictable. This means placing the most important links in spots that are easy to see. To maximize usability, you can put the logo on the top left and add the menu set in a horizontal bar. In case your website has more pages, set the menu vertically.

Add a Search Bar

A search bar is important in websites that have more pages than a usual website. This is ideal for sites that specialize in retail or those that provide large amounts of information.

Keep your customers in mind when building a website. Making it more accessible through a smart navigation system will keep them coming back.


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