The Reason Tequila Has a Bad Reputation (And Unfairly So)

Tequila Shot

There is a lot of wrong information about tequila, the national drink of Mexico. Most people equate tequila with a lime and salt shooter.

This is far from the truth; Tequila Cruda is the shooter most associated with tequila. It is also not the best way to enjoy this drink. Costa Maya, in the pursuit of promoting the proper way to drink tequila, corrects these myths for us.

Tequila Mixto or Blanco?

Tequila has an image of a wild hangover-inducing liquor. This is due to tequila “mixto,” a low-quality tequila made with 51% agave sugar and the rest in neutral cane sugar or grain-based spirit. Some tequila gold, although popular was colored with caramel, and causes a bad case of hangover.

In contrast, tequila blanco, which is a clear liquid is considered one of the purest liquors available anywhere, and hangover-free.

True 100% tequila should be enjoyed like whiskey or rum and sipped at leisure. There are other designations for pure tequila. Blanco is also called Joven or Silver, which is unaged or briefly aged for up to 2 months, with a full agave flavor and an impression of vegetal sweetness.

Gold is mixto or tequila with coloring. Reposado is aged in wood barrels between 2 months and a year. Anejo is aged between one and three years, which has acquired a wood-like taste. Extra Anejo is aged over three years, with definite wood characteristics. It is not advisable to age tequila for more than four years.

Advantages of Tequila

Pure tequila is made from the agave plant and not from grain. It does not have any alcohol from wheat or any other grain. This makes it a good choice for those who have celiac disease, as well as those who require gluten-free food.

Another benefit is that agave contains agavina, a type of sugar that triggers insulin production. It also lowers triglycerides, which also lowers cholesterol levels.

Tequila is the national drink of Mexico for a reason. Pure tequila does not cause hangovers and can be a healthy drink as well. It is best sipped neat and not with lime and salt.