The Power of Using Personas for Advertising

AD CAMPAIGNThe main objective of search engine optimization is to enable your brand to connect with your target audience, anything less than that is a failed campaign. Making a long-lasting connection isn’t possible without understanding your customer base and providing them with their needs and wants. One way to do this effectively is to create personas they relate to.

Understanding the Demographics

To create the ideal persona, your team must look at the demographics. This article lists down some of the questions to ask when you start making one.

  • How would your audience describe themselves?
  • Where do they reside?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their educational attainment?
  • Are they employed or self-employed?

These are just a handful of questions that you must consider when trying to create a persona that embodies your target market. Using the data you gathered allows you to customize an approach depending on the needs of your campaign. The way you advertise to a middle-aged, upper management individual is different from a millennial beginning his or her career.

Social Influence

A Denver SEO firm cites that the explosion of social media use and expansion is proof that humans are social creatures looking to interact with others or create a community with like-minded people. This is an important aspect you need to consider when it comes to creating a persona. Your intended audience must feel a connection with the man or woman advertising your brand. To piece the puzzle together, look into the social groups that your market interacts with regularly.

Why Should You Care?

For some companies using personas is a dated method of marketing; however, it is still as effective as it was several years ago. The only difference is the medium has expanded to include social media and search engine optimization. A persona also allows you to put a face, with emotions and a personality, to the brand you sell.