The Foundations of Branding for Success

Branding StrategyBranding’s relevance has yet to waiver despite the transition from traditional to digital media. Every day companies big and small spend a lot of money trying to manage their reputation and prevent a negative press from landing on search results pages. As a company, you need to have a clear message and brand that your current and potential customers can relate to or create positive associations with.

Your branding strategy needs to have pillars to keep it strong and relevant in the minds of your audience.

Simple is the Way to Go

Industry experts agree that some companies try to be everything to everyone. This will spread your message thin and creates weak associations with your organisation. This is a common problem that start-ups encounter; they do too much. made4media says simplifying your branding approach is not only cost-effective, but also profitable. You need a focus when it comes to brand strategy; this allows you to concentrate all your efforts on a specific niche’s needs and wants. This enables you to craft a powerful yet appealing value proposition to people who are likely to buy what you offer.

Disruptive Approach

This concept focuses on a business doing something that is unconventional. If successful this branding strategy can change the way an entire industry functions. A business that uses can do something as simple as simplifying a process or providing a simpler form of a product in a complicated niche.


A symbol may mean more than any slogan you create. Any company can have a slogan, but the ones that use certain symbols elicit powerful and influential emotions from the people that see them. This makes an impression on a person that may last with them for quite a while.

Following any of these branding strategies or using all of them allows you to remain in the hearts and minds of your audience. This powerful association and emotion will allow you to influence their purchasing behaviour.