The Big Question: How Much Kombucha is Safe to Drink?

You’ve always heard the phrase “too much of something is bad,” and this holds true even for the healthiest of the healthy stuff. Overindulging on anything – even those supposedly good for you – can and will reach the point that it does you more harm than good.

It’s for this reason that many newcomers to the world of kombucha share the same question of how much kombucha is safe to drink? Yes, kombucha brings numerous health benefits, but it doesn’t mean that you can and should just drink unlimited amounts of it. So, the big question is, how much of this wellness drink is too much?

The threshold

With kombucha being a sweet and sour fizzy drink, it’s quite easy to see why many have grown accustomed, even to love its taste. And with it now being widely available, you’ll have no problems finding a shop where you can satiate your craving right on the spot.

However, just as this beverage can improve many aspects of your health, much thanks to all the good enzymes and acids that it contains, it can just as quickly become an issue if you go beyond the threshold. Experts recommend limiting your intake of kombucha calories to 50 on a daily basis.

The source is just as crucial as the threshold

Articles on the Web detail the steps on making kombucha at home, and you have the freedom to opt to DIY your supply. However, it’s important to note that the process takes more than just mixing bacteria and yeast with tea and sugar. Prepared incorrectly, and you can end up with a moldy concoction, which can be a health hazard.

As such, it’s best that you source your kombucha supply from experienced makers of the drink, to prevent any health issues that may arise from incorrect preparation. Also, this makes it easier for you to watch your kombucha calories, to ensure that you avoid taking in more than what you’re supposed to.