Teeth Whitening is Not for DIY

 DIY Teeth Whitening in BloomsburyYou are living at a time when virtually anything can be DIY-ed or home remedied. From crafts to recipes, to makeshift gadgets and even to skin regimens, you can create them by doing a little Youtube research and a fair amount of creativity. Whilst improvisation can be great for some things, they may not be the way to go for others. Take dental care, for example.

Although private dentists have already discouraged patients from DIY-ing certain treatments, it seems that the practice continues, especially when it comes to cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. Will you take a chance on DIY teeth whitening?

A Fad

Many think that a set of perfect white teeth can do a lot to land them their dream job, or increase their chances of finding a date. As such, not only has teeth whitening become a popular treatment; it has become a must for a good number of people who are conscious about their appearance. Cheap alternatives to the treatment have then become a fad.

DIY teeth whitening kits are now sold in stores, or even online, making them extremely accessible. Peddlers of such products promise great-looking teeth without a lengthy and expensive treatment, and people are convinced. But, if this sounds too good to be true, it is because it actually is.

A Perilous Fad

Dentists warn of the perils of these DIY kits. Most of them contain very high levels of hydrogen peroxide, a common bleaching agent. Excessive amounts of it may cause mouth infections, bleeding gums and a host of other oral problems. The sale of these dangerous kit is illegal, and licensed dentists point out that this enables unauthorised providers to take advantage of the fad.

Recently, a man and his father have been arrested for selling the bleach-laden kits, alarming teeth whitening fans and dentists alike.

DIY may be a practical answer to some of your needs, but when it comes to dental care, you do not want to compromise. Teeth whitening is definitely not for DIY.