Taking Care of Your Jewelry the Right Way

Woman showing her jewelry to her friends

Jewelry is a great adornment that enhances your appearance, but they cost a fortune. When you buy it in online jewelry shops, you at least expect it to last you a long time; and yes, it should.

Jewelry expert KAVUT states that you have a role to play in making your jewelry serve you a lifetime. Below are things you can do so your jewelry lasts long.

Proper Storage

The way you store your jewelry tells a lot about how your jewelry will look in months to come. Avoid storing jewelry in a common place as the different stones that make the various pieces can rub on each other and compromise the quality.

Get customized compartments to avoid jewelry tangling and any potential risk of damage.

Get the Right Cleaner

First, before cleaning your jewelry at home, you need to know the kind of metal that you have at hand. Do not use harsh chemicals as they may tarnish the coating of the jewelry. The metal might also react with the liquid.

Soak fine jewelry in warm water with a little dishwashing soap and scrub softly using a toothbrush. Remember to let your jewelry dry before returning it to its storage compartment.

Insuring Your Jewelry

You have life insurance, health insurance, and home insurance, why not get insurance for your jewelry? Jewelry is equally precious and of a higher value. The insurance covers you in case your jewelry gets lost through theft.

If you love what your jewelry does to you and your outfit and want it to keep looking you elegant, you should be deliberate about taking care of it. Taking care of the jewelry is important to increase the lifespan their lifespan and retain their sparkle.