A heap of recyclable metals

Money from Trash: Starting a Scrap Metal Business

November 1, 2017

When we hear the word “business”, a lot of ideas come into mind, but money from trash is not usually one of them. Scrap metal trading, however, can be a very profitable business. Aside from gaining profits […]

Photographer on a Photoshoot
Multimedia Production

What Makes an Effective Corporate Headshot?

July 8, 2017

Websites and social media profiles introduce your brand to online consumers. But apart from the photos and descriptions of your products and services, as well as the nature of your business, your audience wants to […]

Channel Partners

Channel Partners: Letting You Do What you Do Best

February 29, 2016

As your business grows, you will have to broaden operations. This may result in spreading your staff thin or doing things where you lack the skills and experience. This causes inefficiencies and loss of focus. […]


How to Start your Own Company

February 19, 2016

The world of business has always been competitive. This is why you need to weigh your options to make smart decisions. Keep in mind that there are always risks to every move you make. Gauge […]


Business Tax Returns: Importance beyond Compliance

February 16, 2016

Filing for business tax returns is more than about compliance. Often it serves as a step in the right direction for businesses whether for startups or expansions. Businesses need a record-keeping system for financial statement […]

Cars and Auto Parts

Too Much Fleet Maintenance can Eat Your Core Business

February 12, 2016

Being able to discern what’s pressing from what’s unimportant is foremost in business. Had a business executive not been able to distinguish the two, he’d be answering every phone call he hears in the office […]