Sweat-Drenched Workouts You Can Do Indoors


Whether it’s been a long day stuck indoors with your elliptical or a long walk in the park, it feels good to get a workout that leaves you drenched. It’s easier than ever to get these high intensity workouts, as you have the option to do it indoors or out. We’re not talking about a few laps in the pool or getting a gym membership, but the sweat-drenched workouts indoors.


Elliptical Training

All you have to do is step into your elliptical and walk or run. As your feet never leave the pedals, you don’t have to tolerate the repeated pounding impact of each footfall on a treadmill. An elliptical workout is more comfortable and quieter.

Bikram Yoga

It’s not as much about the intensity of the movement as it’s the novelty of it. Movements you are less familiar with are more physically stressful and demand higher energy. Yoga isn’t a high intensity workout, but it involves a lot of body control and takes you through several movements that an average man isn’t well versed in.

You don’t need to apply for a gym membership to do high intensity interval training. With just a yoga mat, elliptical trainer machine, and sports drinks, you can do sweat-drenched workouts in the comfort of your own home.