Summer Preparations for Your Home

Summer Preparation in UtahUtah is known to be a semiarid state, which means you will have to need plenty of cool water and extra sunscreen. Summer temperatures in Utah can reach up to 40 degrees celsius and it typically begins around July, or even earlier. Before the weather gets extra toasty, go check around your house to ensure you and your family feels comfortable when summer officially kicks in.

Tune Up Your AC

Don’t wait until you’re sweating bullets for you to realize your air conditioning unit needs a bit of help. For a convenient summer, Airtime Heating & Cooling suggests investing early in AC tune-up. Riverton has several companies that offer professional repair services. Pay attention to your unit and if there’s strange sounds, leak or any other symptoms of a malfunctioning unit, get help immediately.

Bring Out the Blinds

While it’s still early, invest in high-quality blinds, curtains, and external shutters. These window treatments help filter the amount of sunlight and heat that comes in, keeping you and the interiors of your home away from the intense heat. Some advice special attention to windows facing west, which are areas of the home most susceptible to the sun.

Get an Attic Fan

Or a vent. Heat travels upward and so has a tendency to be concentrated in your attic, if you do have one. Consider installing a fan or a vent to let the hot air out and you will instantly notice a change in temperature right after.

Build Shade in Your Yard

Despite your best efforts, it could still get stuffy inside the house during the summer. While July is still a few weeks away, build a shady corner in your backyard where people can take refuge when it’s too stuffy and hot inside the house. A gazebo would be perfect, but might take up a lot of time and effort; planting an already grown tree is a good alternative. Not only does it give shade, it also provides a breath fresh air.

Summer is coming and while it’s exciting to plan for summer vacations and road trips, it’s also important to plan for your house and your family’s convenience.