Stratford, NZ: Rural Life at Its Finest

When you’re looking for a place to move in, you need to make sure that it can provide you access to all your needs: education, employment, markets, and more. Most people choose to live near major cities because it provides them with the accessibility they need. However, for some people, life in some rental properties in Stratford could promote calm and close living with nature.
Thankfully, Stratford is where you can experience rural life but still enjoy access to all major facilities and amenities. Moreover, there are many affordable houses and rental properties available.

Scenic Landscape

Mount Taranaki is the most famous attraction in Stratford. The area has three rivers: Manganui, Waingongoro, and Patea.  The mountain slope from Stratford leads to a natural lookout called “The Plateau”.
The volcanic soil makes Stratford ideal for agriculture, and the high level of rainfall in the area makes it ideal for raising dairy cattle. The weather is suitable for agriculture. It also supports stock farming and forestry.
In town, you would find the Stratford Clock Tower where you will see the Romeo and Juliet 5-minute scene played several times a day. Other attractions include Hollard Gardens and the Goblin Forest.

Find What You Need Here

Stratford is mostly agricultural, but there are a lot of job opportunities offered by big companies like Anzco, Silver Fern Farm, and Fonterra. Farming is the main industry, but small businesses thrive here too.

Property is Affordable

Compared to major cities like Auckland and New Plymouth, properties in Stratford is recognisably cheaper, not to mention that New Plymouth is just a 30-minute drive from Stratford.
Stratford is a place to move into if you want to live near scenic landscapes and offer the family experiences you could not find anywhere else. It offers everything that you need, from jobs to education. You don’t have to buy an expensive house in a major city if Stratford has what you need.