Strange Trends in Sunglasses You Will Love

Woman Wearing SunglassesSunglasses are a versatile addition to any fashion repertoire. On sunny days, they protect your eyes from the unforgiving brightness of the sun. On cloudy ones, they make you look like a celebrity evading the nasty paparazzi. Our love of sunglasses is due, in no small part, to the designers who create masterful shapes we love on our face.

There are so many exciting trends in sunglasses in 2017. Get excited. A quick look at retailers such as International Eyewear shows you’re spoilt for choice.

Double-wired Sunglasses

These pairs have unique double frames, with one usually taking on more of a cosmetic role than a functional one. The extra bending of the metal frame and the incomplete circles and lines of double wires all create an interesting draw to the face. Pair these with a loose-fitting blouse, and you'll have a balanced look that’s perfect for your morning visit to your favourite coffee shop.

Flat Lenses

Grab your current pair of glasses and inspect the lenses. Most are curved to match the shape of your face. There is a new trend for flat lenses, however. Sunglasses with flat lenses don’t sit so close to your face. They stand out and give your facial features an angular boost.

Wide-rimmed Lenses

The rims around these glasses are thick and wide, and they make a strong statement. The small lenses surrounded by wide rims give the designer more to work with. Wide-rimmed glasses often have ornate details that add extra interest to them.

Printed Lenses

There's also a trend for lenses that feature geometric prints. They tend to be bold and eye-catching. Sunglasses have been transformed from low-key functional accessories to strong statement pieces with colours and patterns to boot. If you want to show off your newfound love of sunnies, bold printed lenses are the way to go.

What's mentioned here is just a smattering of the huge range of sunglasses that are available. If you plan to go out in the sun, or if you feel like your fashion repertoire needs something extra, sunglasses from these categories can complete your look.