Stock ‘Em Now: Things You Need to Know when Collecting Stock Video Footage

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Video production specialists do not have it easy. A single scene can take them hours of editing and reshooting, which can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. To make your video production task easier and more efficient, it is best to start taking and collecting quality stock video footage now.

Industry experts have been using stock video clips for many reasons. As they are evergreen content, video editors can easily incorporate the stock video clips in their production projects. Plus, they can reuse them every time they find it necessary.

If you are planning to build a library of stock video footage now, take the following things into account:

CD stack

Common Themes

It is easier to look for a certain clip in your library if the clips are grouped into specific categories. Some of the common themes are festivities, natural landscapes, and people. This is why if you want to shoot a scene for future use, make sure it can fit into a certain category.

Different Perspectives

It does not hurt to have different clips showing different perspectives of a same subject. This gives you more options and flexibility when it comes to choosing the best angle. If you do not have an existing series of similar clips, browse online libraries for a more diverse selection.


When you cannot find the exact clip that you need for your project, you can always improvise. Do not just settle for substandard stock footage quality. If you can find a different but closely similar one, feel free to use it. Fortunately, online clip libraries hundreds of videos you can use. You will surely find one that fits your production needs.

High-quality stock video footage are your best tool when it comes to video production projects. Start your own library so you will have many options in your future audio-visual assignments.