Stainless Steel: Steeling the Show

bathroom fixtures

bathroom fixturesSteel is a versatile material, an alloy that made of iron and carbon. While the basic composition of steel remains the same, fabricators add other elements to grant it additional characteristics, such resistance to corrosion. A common steel alloy involves adding 11-20% chromium to create stainless steel, which resists staining and rust.

Take a look at how stainless steel is useful:

1. This alloy is low-maintenance and therefore used in numerous applications. There are nearly 150 grades of this alloy, 15 of which are popular according to Wasatch Steel. These products are in the form of plates, sheets, coils, wires, bars, tubes, etc.

2. There are so many forms as in many diverse applications depending on the required thickness and strength. The applications include cutlery, kitchenware, utensils, cookware, hardware, building material, construction equipment, among others.

3. The healthcare sector uses stainless steel due to its sanitary properties. Lab techs clean it simply by steaming or a simple sterilization process. In other relevant uses, this alloy comprises various medical instruments and surgical tools. Steel with copper alloys, according to research, can also kill bacteria, particularly E. coli.

4. Household mainstays like lighting fixtures, appliances, bathroom fixtures, backyard grills, doors, and window grills also use stainless steel.

5. Watches and jewelry use stainless steel in certain amounts. The high degree of polish on a stainless steel surface makes it a prized accessory, especially as it does not oxidize and turn black with usage. Some artists even use stainless steel for sculptures.

The list of products mentioned above is by no means exhaustive, but its purpose is only to explain the versatility of this metal alloy. Scientists and industries find more uses for stainless steel, and as such, it is one of the best kinds of steel.

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