How Split Air Conditioners Work

Split Air Conditioners

Split Air ConditionersA split AC system is perhaps your best bet if you need cooling in a room sans windows. The split system is advantageous in such rooms because it is just as effective as the window AC in terms of cooling, conserves space, easy to install and noiseless in operation.

Moreover, unlike ducted AC systems, split-types do not need elaborate ducts, which reduce the total cost considerably.

Even with all these plus points, however, many homeowners are hesitant to buy a split AC system, primarily because they do not know how it works.

Conduct Air Conditioning clears the air on what split air conditioners are.

Two Separate Components

Unlike window ACs, the split units contain two separate components: the outdoor and the indoor unit. The former usually contains the compressor that kick-starts the cooling process, while the indoor unit runs the evaporator and fan, which cool the room by removing the warm air in it.

These components connect to each other via tubing and electrical wires. The connecting tubing transports the warm air from inside to outside.

What Happens Outside?

When you switch on the split AC, the thermostat in it detects warm air and activates the compressor. This causes the circulation of the refrigerant, increases its pressure and temperature as itcompresses through a series of pipes. The compressed refrigerant now moves into the condenser that changes its state from gas to liquid.

What Happens Inside?

Simultaneously, inside the room, the evaporator collects the warm air and passes it on to the chilled liquid refrigerant. The fan also works now to blow the cooled air back into the room, thereby reducing the temperature within.

The key behind the cost-effectiveness of the AC is that the machine recycles the refrigerant and used again for the entire cooling process. In addition, because the compressor is outdoors, the split AC is relatively quiet when in operation (for example, when compared to window types).

Most homeowners now use split AC types for their home cooling needs instead of the regular window types. These offer higher cooling capabilities with only a small increased cost.

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