Spinning Class: Preparing for Your First Day

spinning class

Spin classes feature a high-intensity workout perfect for burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape. According to research, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories depending on the intensity of your workout and how long you saddle.

If you’ve recently enrolled in a spinning class at your local gym in Hong Kong, here’s what you need to do to prepare for your first day:

Pick the Right Clothes

Pedalling for 30-45 minutes means you’re going to sweat a lot, so it’s important to wear proper gym clothes. Wear athletic shoes and always have two towels handy; place one over the handle bars and use the other to wipe sweat off during class.

Arrive Early

If your gym or studio doesn’t have an online reservation system, arrive early to reserve a bike. Sign-up sheets are usually available an hour before the class starts. Arriving early gives you time to set up your bike and perform warm up exercises.

spinning class

Keep a Flat Back

Keeping your back flat lessens the strain on your upper body and ensures you aren’t resting your weight on your arms and legs. For the best workout, keep your weight back and look forward.

Saddle Up

For optimal performance, stand to the left of your bike and adjust the handlebars and saddle to the height of your hip. Bend your right arm in a 90-degree angle, form a fist, and place it at the centre of the handlebars. Move the seat backward or forward until it touches your elbow.

Check Your Alignment

Check your alignment throughout the ride and shift your weight back to your legs if necessary. Make sure your hips are above your pedal stroke during standing positions. If you find yourself leaning into the handlebars, sit back into the saddle to recharge and realign your body.

Spinning classes make riding a stationary bike more fun and exciting. The energising music, motivating group setting, and inspiring instructors make this work out an incredible experience. If you’ve recently enrolled in gym classes at places like Torq Cycle, buy fitness garments from online clothing stores, and visit the website of Shape Magazine for more spinning workout tips and advice.