Sleeping Your Way into a Better You

Good SleepWaking up feeling more tired than you slept is not fun and neither is the feeling desirable. To enjoy a great night’s sleep, your body needs to go through the four stages of sleep. The first stage is short-lived and involves closing your eyes and the second stage involves the slowing down of your heart rate and body temp decrease. The third and fourth stages are the deepest stages of sleep when REM sleep occurs.

Worry not, good sleep is possible. Some of the things you can do to improve your sleep — REM sleep, specifically — include:

Come Up with a Bedtime Schedule

With tight schedules all around you, it is important you value your bedtime and create a bedtime routine and stick with it. A set sleep schedule will help you regulate your sleep levels.

Deal with Insomnia

Even with a sleep schedule, you might find sleeping hard sometimes. In such situations, don’t force yourself to sleep; get a book or listen to good music and before you know it, it's morning!

Get a Good Mattress

Human beings spent approximately a third of their lifetime sleeping. Why not get a good mattress and make sleep time count? Take your time to consider the different types of mattresses and get the one that fits your mattress and sleep needs. In addition, you can acquire bed accessories such as pillows, bed sheets and beds in Salt Lake City and sleep your way to a better life.

Manage Your Weight

Good sleep is not only good for the body and mind, but also for your general well-being. Doctors say that there is connection between good sleep and weight management. Bad or poor quality sleep causes the rise of dopamine levels in one’s brain, increasing the craving for sugar and ‘unhealthy’ foods to boost your energy levels. This, in turn, affects your body metabolism, causing you to add unnecessary weight.

Good, restful sleep is within your grasp as long as you follow these pointers.